Sunday, 21 August 2011

How to capture an intangible?

Developing, trying to connect dotted lines,
in which to create interest, meaning or beauty.

Navigating, random thoughts which look for structure and form,
to assemble, like a collage,
only to burst into a kaleidoscope of ideas,
to be brushed, into something.

Symmetrical, still and contemplative beauty, a zen garden,
perfection, hanging on a thread,
of a fleeting moment, in an image, still and waiting, waiting to be captured.

    Friday, 19 August 2011

    How to get a clean new brain, ready to receive orders!

    Go and see Philip Glass and his orchestra perform the music to his film Naqoyqatsi.
    That is what Dexter, Anders and I did on Monday evening, in addition to going out for a Chinese dinner beforehand to celebrate Dexter coming back from Cub Camp. All three of us were blown away by Naqoyqatsi (Philip Glass is the man third from the right in the photo). It felt like being in that scene in a film where the hero is brainwashed using millions of high speed images and we left feeling like we had 3 marvellously clean brains, awaiting new orders.....

    Na-qoy-qatsi: (nah koy' kahtsee) N. From the Hopi Language. 1. A life of killing each other 2. War as a way of life. 3. (Interpreted) Civilized violence.

    Thursday, 18 August 2011

    School started yesterday....

    Dexter went back to school yesterday for the start of a new year.  I for one cannot believe how quickly this year has been passing.

    Wednesday, 17 August 2011

    Dexter cooked dinner last night.....

    Well talk about a treat, Dexter cooked dinner last night and it was so yummy. It was what he learnt to cook at Cub Camp! Anders and I are so very very proud of him.  
    He chopped all the ingredients needed to make carrot and coriander soup.......
    ..... whilst Anders set the table......
    ..... and then after we scoffed the delicious soup which was garnished with cream, olive oil and coriander leaves.....
    ......we ate the mandarin tart that Dexter also made!  This was served with fresh cream with some vanilla....
    .....and followed with a refreshing cup of tea.....
    .... all of this which in some ways felt quite surreal knowing my little Dexter had made all of this, so what better way to top it off but to have a dance to Barbarella which happened to come on the CD player just as we finished dinner. All of us, including the dogs.... what a lovely night, even thought I was on the clearing patrol :-)

    Tuesday, 16 August 2011

    Dexter is back.

    Dexter got back yesterday from his weekend away with the Cubs camping and it sounds like he had a great time.  He learnt to cook, clean and sew (guess who the new home help might well be now!!!), in addition to going hiking, singing songs round the camp fire, playing all sorts of sports activities and just hanging out with his pals for 3 nights straight!

    As it turns out, Anders and I have had a fantastic weekend too. We have seen great shows at the Festival, gone for some great walks in places we had never gone to before and just done a whole lot of stuff together as a couple.  Whilst yes, some of the things we could have done with Dexter too, it was really nice just doing them as a duet again!

    So, whilst Dexter did miss us, and we definitely missed having him around, we all got to share in telling stories about what we all got up to which was fun in itself.  Dexter has sung me the camp fire songs he was taught, and is going to make us dinner tonight! I know, he is going to make us carrot and coriander soup and then a mandarin tart.  He also learnt how to make stuffed baked potatoes and blueberry and raspberry muffins (which we will have another night).

    As an aside, this photograph is of a little desk reminder which I found in a church sale for only 30p, yep that is right only cost 30p!!!

    I think that it is important to use each and every minute to the full and that is what this little object said to me when I saw it. In changing the numbers, days and months which repeat at varying speeds, it will remind me that I also have a constant, a fixed one in that there are set names of days, numbers of days in the week and names for the set months in the year but everything else is up for grabs!!! With that I am going to have a cup of coffee which has just been freshly ground and made for me by my lovely Anders :-)

    Sunday, 14 August 2011

    Dexter has gone camping so what have Anders and I been doing?

    Well Dexter has gone camping, more of which I will mention about in a moment! So what have Anders and I been doing?  A whole lot, but for starters, on Friday went out to see one of the many shows of this weekend which are on in the Festival. For this first show, I thought I did us a massive favour by getting us these awesome front row seats! Unfortunately for Anders this transvestite show required some audience participation (you know where this is going)!! Anders got pulled from the audience, and received his own lap dance from a 20 stone, opera singing man wearing a zebra lycra bodysuit. It was fantastic and I just loved every minute of it.  Yep, this very artist in these photographs, and he was just lovely, with a great voice, and just genuinely charming.
    Whilst Anders was a great sport about it, he did say "at one point I felt as though I had had an out of body experience and thought, is this a dream" to which when his nose was crushed by the performers giant belly Anders then thought "no this is no dream"! I didn't take any photographs of the actual dance however, that is because at the beginning of the show we were told we were not allowed to. It wasn't until the last song that we were told, that we could take out our cameras, so Anders special dance cannot be shared, but will forever be remembered :-)
    Now about Dexter, I know he is having a great time away, he was so excited about this camping trip, but I also knew there would be a moment before they left that he would start to think "I am going away from my Mum and Dad, oh no". Anders didn't think this would happen, and helpfully explained to him that he was but a few miles from Scotland's hospital for the criminally insane, and ended up telling him a story to tell round the campfire which he ended up with saying to Dexter "oh, and by the way, that story is completely true and the man is locked up in that very hospital right now". I of course was unaware of this Father to Son tale, but then in seeing the photographs I took of Dexter departing, I wonder now if that is what he was thinking about!
    He returns tomorrow and will get huge cuddles and kisses from both me and Anders.

    Friday, 12 August 2011

    It's a new day, it's a new dawn......

    I cannot believe how quickly this time has come around, Dexter going away to Cub Camp. He is going with all his friends and together they are going to do outdoor things like hiking and swimming in a lake. They are going to be learning how to cook, clean and well camp in the outdoors and although they are under close supervision of adults, they are learning to do things for themselves as part of a pack! He is so excited about it, as are all his friends, this is after all, a big adventure.

    Thinking back to when I went camping for the first time, I remember it was really exciting for me too. It is only now however that I understand how my Mum felt letting me go to these things. Whilst as a child I desperately wanted to go away on camping trips with my friends, my Mum worried and eventually reluctantly let me go. I know she felt she was losing her baby a little bit more in letting me do these things.  Whilst I feel this slightly, I have honestly enjoyed every single stage of Dexter's development, and I just think that he is going to return even better (can that be possible?)! Whilst I look back on stages of his growth and feel a twinge of sadness that he is no longer that, I love the person he has become, he has grown into, and there is not one stage that I love or have loved more than the next. Each stage of his development has melted easily into the next until before I realise he is nearly 10! Logically, him going to camp therefore should be no different, it is only a 3 night camping trip after all. It is just that though, right now him going away for 3 nights without us really does feel like a new day dawning for him as well as Anders and I.

    So Anders and I are both going to hugely miss our little lovely who is excited and ready to go with his new rucksack and list of things he was told to bring with him. We know he needs to find his own space, carve his own identity without us directly being there, and that my little lovely is excited at the thought of what he is going to learn and experience. I am smiling just thinking about that as I remember feeling exactly the same way when I went away on my first guide camping trip!  His best friend is even having his birthday on this trip, and is bringing a birthday cake to celebrate so it seems like it is going to be a fun packed weekend.  

    For Anders and I, it is going to be our own little adventure, doing grown up things and going to places where Dexter would not be allowed that we would therefore normally pass on because of this! We are going to stay out late!!! I think we are going to see some Fringe and Edinburgh Festival shows, not sure what yet and perhaps will even go for cocktails and maybe even so some street photography at night! We will miss our little lovely though.....