Sunday, 14 August 2011

Dexter has gone camping so what have Anders and I been doing?

Well Dexter has gone camping, more of which I will mention about in a moment! So what have Anders and I been doing?  A whole lot, but for starters, on Friday went out to see one of the many shows of this weekend which are on in the Festival. For this first show, I thought I did us a massive favour by getting us these awesome front row seats! Unfortunately for Anders this transvestite show required some audience participation (you know where this is going)!! Anders got pulled from the audience, and received his own lap dance from a 20 stone, opera singing man wearing a zebra lycra bodysuit. It was fantastic and I just loved every minute of it.  Yep, this very artist in these photographs, and he was just lovely, with a great voice, and just genuinely charming.
Whilst Anders was a great sport about it, he did say "at one point I felt as though I had had an out of body experience and thought, is this a dream" to which when his nose was crushed by the performers giant belly Anders then thought "no this is no dream"! I didn't take any photographs of the actual dance however, that is because at the beginning of the show we were told we were not allowed to. It wasn't until the last song that we were told, that we could take out our cameras, so Anders special dance cannot be shared, but will forever be remembered :-)
Now about Dexter, I know he is having a great time away, he was so excited about this camping trip, but I also knew there would be a moment before they left that he would start to think "I am going away from my Mum and Dad, oh no". Anders didn't think this would happen, and helpfully explained to him that he was but a few miles from Scotland's hospital for the criminally insane, and ended up telling him a story to tell round the campfire which he ended up with saying to Dexter "oh, and by the way, that story is completely true and the man is locked up in that very hospital right now". I of course was unaware of this Father to Son tale, but then in seeing the photographs I took of Dexter departing, I wonder now if that is what he was thinking about!
He returns tomorrow and will get huge cuddles and kisses from both me and Anders.


  1. I hope he had a great time at camp

  2. Haha, sounds like you guys had a great time and made the most of your time together. Sweet photos of Dexter.