Saturday, 31 July 2010

Caprice Pizza & Elvi continued...

As mentioned, we saw a parade of Elvi yesterday which I posted yesterday, straight after which we went to try out the Caprice in Musselburgh. The Caprice is a pizza restaurant which has been around for years had has traditional wood ovens to make pizza the authentic way it should be. We have heard good things about it but this is the first time we have eaten there and it will not be the last as the pizzas are really good.

Now the reason for the parade is apparently an annual event. Musselburgh is called "the honest town" and in celebration of this they have a pageant which crowns a "honest lassie" (maiden) and "honest laddie" (man). They have various events, one of which is this one where past and current crowned "honest laddies & lassies" take part in the parade and they collect money which the crowds give and are collected by these people and are given to charity. The lassies dressed up in a space theme, so with this post I will share their pictures because I didn't in my special Elvi post!

So now back to the pizza! We had a hoot watching the parade and then were lucky to get a table at the Caprice (we hadn't booked). We all had fresh buffalo mozzarella as part of our toppings and it was just yummy as can be seen here:-

The kids pizza not only looked great but was a work of art - they made it in the shape of a piranha!

Having watched a super kitsch parade, you can imagine my excitement when I saw some of the photographs of the people who had eaten here in the 70's - Andy Williams, Lorne Green, Charlton Heston, Pavarotti, Liberace...... oh my god - what a hoot - what a story to put in my blog and how apt!

Andy Williams of course sang Music to watch girls by - a song I love and I thought apt given this was to do with a pageant!

Both Lorne Green & Charlton Heston starred in si-fi classics!

So our Friday night was just an absolute hoot, and one we stumbled upon - what a great way to start the weekend and Saturday has been a great day too - yey!

Scottish Wedding

Stumbled upon someones wedding today and what was lovely is that 98% of the male guests were wearing kilts - how nice. Luckily they realised I was not trying to sneak a peek under their kilts!!!

Shapely Curvaceous Cars & Legs - what more could a girl ask for?!

Also, the cars were beautiful, classic Reilly's

And of course, they had the traditional piper which nearly every Scottish wedding has and would not be the same without!

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Friday, 30 July 2010


Well Hip, Hip, Hooray - a parade of Elvi - Thank you very much!

And to top the night, we had the best Pizza, but will save that for another post. I need to savour this Friday - the party started almost as soon as I got up, not literally, but it has been an incredible day - yey (hope this continues)!!!

I know this happened of Friday, but how can you not share a parade of Elvi, it just makes you smile.....

Down to the seaside to......

This has been a fantastic Friday evening. We initially took Marvin & Carly to the seaside and saw a large group of people entering into the sea to swim!

Turns out this lovely lady said they go swimming along the coast line. I am just glad I captured it as it looked so odd to see and the light was fantastic, wonder what shots I would have gotten from a real camera!

I got some great photos of Dexter, Marvin & Carly too, but will post them separately, together with other posts with a group of Elvi (if that is the plural of Elvis)! Fantastic!

Park Life & out from behind the camera!

Park life and out from behind the camera!

What are you up to Anders !!!

Imma Bee

My i-phone capture!

God in a bottle!

Edinburgh has some great antique shops, one of my favourites being The Thrie Estaits in Dundas Street as it is really quite quirky (bit like me at times!).

We have all heard of people putting messages in bottles, and ships in bottles.... but God in a bottle - whoa, indeed! Well here is an example of one:-

Usually made by Sailors, Farmers, Lumber Men and Prisoners who had time on their hands!

"God in a Bottle" (actual title) are relatively rare folk art as most made ships in bottles! Wonder what sort of message they were sending or hoping to receive, bottle and keep doing this, and which of these tradesmen made them - lots to think about eh!

For you Mummy!

It is Friday, I love this song and having not heard it for years heard it Saturday of last weekend as we drove to Glen Lyon (still trying to get all the amazing photographs on the blog but want to do it in a way that I think is befitting such an interesting place and not sound boring to anyone reading it other than me!)

It was on this very drive that we stopped off at a great little local post office/shop/cafe (one of the top 10 cafes apparently in the countryside of the UK not that we knew that until some other tourist came in and said "do you know you were featured in the Guardian (UK newspaper) as being one of the Top 10 cafes in the countryside"? "No" was the owners surprise, and either did we and we smiled and said congratulations!). Anyway, whilst waiting for the homemade soup (their Lentil & Lemon soup was really delicious), Dexter picked me some flowers and brought them to me when I called to him and Anders to say it was just being brought to the table.

Oh how I just love this little lovely!

I love him, I love him, I love him!

How could I not.

This little spot in the Scottish country is full of wildlife, red squirrels, deer, butterflies, insects and of course birds, an array of beautiful, sweetly singing birds who actually get quite close to you!

As a result, at this little tranquil haven, even the birds get to have a picnic too with leftovers - it is just so so very beautiful there and so are the birds.

Not sure what we are doing this weekend, but can't wait!

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