Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tribute to Mumbo

This one is for my mum, and yes, I know there is many a humourous caption that could be placed with these photographs (oh, I can just see her cringing at me now and shaking a fist and saying with her heavy Polish accent "ohhh Joanna, don't be so silly, really), however I will not go there as these photos I have put up to make me smile, as today is the 8th anniversary of her death and I miss her and always will.

I have no idea what is going through her head in this photograph, but I wish I did as it looks as though it is priceless!!!

Now she has got a shot on it so maybe has gotten it out of her system as she clearly doesn't know what to do with it (bagpipes), although Mrs Murray (as I always refer to her) looks a bit embarrassed now and who could blame her. I think even my Mum is thinking, I know I am going to regret it but I will smile anyway!

She hated her teeth, but you know, she had the most mischievous sense of humour, and she was always scheming up some plan or another. She was very funny (sometimes unintentionally so) and always full of love and devotion for her children. She had the most beautiful skin, so soft and clear and wrinkle free and I loved cuddling her. I know she loved her children so very very much, hence why she will always live in our heart and how I miss not seeing or hearing her.

I hope she is happy wherever she is now and that she still protects me, after all that is a Mummy job and it takes a special angel to mend our broken heart.....
....and as I write this tears are streaming down my face..... but then my lovely Dexter calls me through for a cuddle and on seeing that my cheek is wet he says "stay and cuddle me and I will cheer you up".... and he does, he always does...

Hope my Mum is having a great party in heaven, and that it is a lot better than this one was in the photographs I have posted (early 70's) - so this one is for my mum xxxxxxxxx infinity times!....

.... and I hope you are smiling down on me from wherever you are....


  1. Your Mum sounds wonderful. ((HUGS))

  2. She is in heaven smiling at this post, I'm sure.
    What a beautiful tribute to your mom.

  3. This is a beautiful tribute to your mum. There is no doubt she is watching down on you and your family from up above... I dedicate to you "To where you are" by Josh Groban. *hugs*

  4. Thank you so much for your kind words and hugs. Each year does get better, but both my sister and I both really miss her still a lot but hugs do help so thank you so much.

    Thank you also for the song dedication, that was really sweet and thoughtful Knickknacks (I am smiling calling you that as I don't know your name) and as I listened to it tears welled up and then ran down my face, but writing this has made me smile too, so thank you very much. The sun wasn't shining this morning, it was very like the day she died, but this afternoon the sun has come out - I am now laughing as I feel like I am about to go into show tunes!!!

    Thank you for this, all of you, really appreciated.

  5. a lovely post about your mum. the old photos are great. i lost my mom 16 years ago and still miss her every day.