Monday, 12 July 2010

Love to hang around with you...

We believe in you Dexter

Sometimes I wonder what it is like being Dexter, just hanging around....
I just love watching him in his wonderful life

He is my beacon of hope and happiness,
May his horizons span far and wide

May he find great adventures everywhere

May he always want to hang around with his two Kooks that made him. He is best recipe we made together and is something which just keeps on getting better and better as he ages!

Oh to be my boy, he is a complete joy....


A great blogspot to hang out is Leigh vs Laundry, try it and see!


  1. I loved this. Music, photos, words, and all. Thanks.


  2. I loved this. Bowie rules!

  3. Someone said exactly what I came to say: =]!