Friday, 9 July 2010

A story of a magnificent lighthouse..... Chapter 1

Some Tom Waits music to set the scene....

He had guarded the shores and the ships for so many years, but now he was retired, obsolete and grumpy. He remembered the time when he was polished and kept pristine, ready for inspection, ready to face whatever challenge was put in front of him, but now he felt dark clouds around him and his beautiful light which shone for miles was smashed up and broken.

But yet, within the walls, you could sense that he had been happy, little glimpses of smiles from within, in the corners, just when you least expected....

As despite the fact that he was run down, he had found new admirers who had claimed him to be the symbol of their gang, "our patch", and now mine as I had fallen in love, in love with a majestic, if not shabby old man of the sea. No longer would he be grumpy with the occasional terrets syndrome thrown in to let everyone know about it! No, he was far better, he was an adventure, he was so many stories, so many inspirations.

And despite his engines being all clogged up, he was still beautifully handsome and always would be.

He had found a new found love, with those who knew how to let go, explore, have fun and be youthful which filled him up with pride. Having been ship shape and Bristol fashion in hindsight was too rigid. Yes, it got him the admiring glances but they were for a purpose, a useful purpose but actually very sterile. Now it was anything goes and his new look said just that. Oh yes, his new grunge look was way more scary than the pristine white walls - no way Neptune was going to mess with him now as he was already Ramboed up! Deep down he really knew that. He knew he was much cooler and that made him want to dance and sing and play guitar and anything else that he wasn't supposed to do!

He then realised as he stopped being grumpy that he was actually getting younger, and that it was his grumpy behaviour that was making him feel old and unloved. He was doing it to himself!!! How stupid, especially when he clearly was appreciated and useful. He had never stopped being this, but now it was to a different set of people, ones that appreciated him rust and all...

He then realised he actually liked his new Vivienne Westwood appearance and he was carrying it off well, like the Dame herself!

And now he would exterminate anyone who would get in his way in his new found look! He was now Dalek enemy of Dr Who (well not really Dr Who's enemy he was just jealous he was not the Tardis as he was way cooler than the blue police box)! He was Dalek or anything else someone cared to think of as he was adventure, imagination and so much more so long as he was looked at and visited.

Anders, Dexter and I just love him, he is a fantastic find and will hang out some more with our new found friend as he is just inspirational in so so many ways.

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