Monday, 19 July 2010

Helen's 14th Birthday....

Here is my beautiful god daughter Helene and on Friday night we got to celebrate her 14th birthday with her which was so lovely.

Mexican was the chosen style of food to eat, and yep, we had ice cold Mojitos to drink and Mexican beer with a dash of Tabasco splashed in the drink itself and salt round the glass (makes it really great)!
Of course, Helene, her friend and Dexter who were all under age for alcohol had soft drinks - Irn Bru, Scotlands other national drink, so their adverts used to say (well Dexter had pineapple juice but the other two needed to try our Scottish Fizzy Drink)!!!

Irn Bru is an orange fizzy drink which you cannot describe. But here is an advert for it:-

Anyway, back to Viva Mexico & Helene's birthday, here is everyone outside (except me as I am taking the photo!):-

So once inside, we all sat down with our drinks and chatted away waiting for what turned out to be really rather delicious food to arrive.

Dexter was quite the entertainer!

As can only be imagined, he gave us much hilarity at his suggested parlour game of consequences!

For those of you who don't know the game, I will explain. There are two versions! The first version both of which my sister taught Dexter (and me before that when I was little) before he could write was the picture version. Each person has a piece of paper they draw a head (ensuring the other players don't see it), they then fold the paper over to cover the head leaving the neck exposed, pass it to the next person who draws the arms & body to waist level. Once they have drawn that it gets folded again, passed to the next person who draws the bottom, and then passed again for the legs, and lastly for the feet. At the end, you expose the drawing to find a strange looking picture!

Dexter can now read & write pretty well now so we decided to play the written version (his suggestion). Both versions require thinking as again, each player gets a piece of paper but this time you write a boys name (fold it over and pass on as before and continuously), then a girls name, then where they met, what he said to her, what she said to him and what the outcome of their meeting was!

Here are some examples of what resulted from this parlour game:

  • George met Lady Gaga in a Lighthouse. "Me likes to collect football memorabilia" said George. "You look stupid" said Lady Gaga and everybody laughed!
  • Monty Python met Carla Bruni in hospital. "Do you like my new set of wooden teeth" asked Monty Python? "The fish supper you made was awfie stinky, can I have my money back?", said Carla and they all ate cheese.
  • A Mexican man met Alexandra at the rubbish tip. "You look terribly fat" said the Mexican man, "I feel like cleaning" said Alexandra and they went of to the same yoga class together and it was a little embarrassing!
  • Arthur Monkeyhives met a Mexican lady at the castle. "why is your kilt back to front" asked Arthur, " you too" said the Mexican lady and they both ate scones together!
  • Harry & Barbara met in space. "What a nice car" said Harry, "no ye canny as ye ate it all so it wasnae that bad a fish supper" replied Barbara. Harry then put on 30lb and she grew a beard!
  • Horrid Henry met Solomina Grundies up the bum of a horse! "How about a dance?" asked Horrid Henry, "spaghetti please" replied Solomina and she punched him hard!
  • Hamish met Jemima Donuthead at McDonalds. "Do you like limes?" asked Hamish, "how's your Granny" replied Jemima. She donated her brain to him through a third party!

As you can see, the lovely Jill (Helene's Mum) and equally lovely Susan contemplated the results!!!

Then of course, every birthday has a cake - here were our choices:

Birthday cakes were Chocolate & Chilli Cheesecake - really good, Dime Bar Cake - got two thumbs up from Helene and Lemon Cake (I think which also got devoured)!

So Happy Birthday once again my lovely Helene, hope this is a great year for you.

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  1. I really want some of that chocolate and chili cheesecake!