Friday, 16 July 2010

Cherry on the Top!

First a song to get you in an upbeat mood for a Friday!

Last night, before I went to bed, I popped over to Jamie's blog which you can look up here:

I think is really charming and really enjoy reading and visiting it. The content is always interesting, her photography is fab and she has introduced me to music that I have not heard before - so it is an all round two thumbs up blog and well worth looking up.

So Jamie told us how she had received an award - yey for Jamie! She then went on to tell us a bit more about her including showing us a fantastic barn her dad built which the photograph she took of it is her favourite because it is such a special place.

Then by Jings - she nominated me and 4 other people to pass the award onto too - no force needed!!!

Double YEY and thank you thank you thank you, so much that I have to sing a happy song!!! Please feel free to sing along - you won't be able to stop yourself - you know it!!!!

Im' warming you up for tropical shores you see!

Here she is, this scrumptious award :-

I am very touched especially as I have only been blogging since April so thank you very much Jamie and perhaps if you do ever come over to Scotland and Edinburgh, I can treat you to an actual cupcake in person!

Having graciously accepted, here is what I have to do
  1. Thank the person who gave the award to you - done.
  2. Copy the award and put it on your blog - done
  3. List three things about you
  • My natural colour of hair is blond but I not long after got married to Anders someone asked me if I was his parents daughter! Not a good thought - no I didn't like that at all!!! So I died my hair initially being a redhead and then dark brown! The funny thing was, people didn't think I died my hair, can you believe it! I have now gone back to being blond as it is far less upkeep in terms of having it coloured, however....... (see below)

  • I have been married for 18 years this year!

  • I have had a big wild spider crawl on my hand and arm when I was in Belize with Anders!

4. Post a photo that you love! Goodness, I have so many photographs that I love - hundreds literally from the past! So as some of you may know, I am prone to not complying all of the time (well probably quite a lot actually) and this was proving to be very difficult. Therefore I have gone into the past into the first photo album I picked up which was our holiday in Belize about 10 years ago. (hence my mentioning point 1).

But before that, here is a picture of Dexter when he was first born playing in his cot. I love this photograph because I remember clearly how he used to get so excited every time one particular bear used to come round to his face (there were 4 hanging from a mobile), and he would squeal with excitement each and every time he saw it.

And now to the Belize photos:

I love these photos because I think they are the few I have which I think looking back on - wow I looked good in a bikini (not something I say often I tell thee)!

I love the 2 photographs below because I managed to find the courage to allow this large spider to crawl up my arm whilst on this same holiday....

And I love this holiday Belize photograph as I am looking at my Anders who took all of these Belize photos - awww!

Finally, tag five people you want to pass this award on to:

Please accept this cupcake (if only it were real) as a token of my appreciation and gratitude for making me smile!
  1. - Laura because she is the reason I started blogging and she has such a lovely life and blog to go with a lovely husband and together they are one of Dexter's godparents!!! Also, she loves cupcakes and pink so this is one I think really suits her.
  2. - Leigh, I think she is so great, I want to go to flea markets, dance, make jokes and do really silly let your hair down and be girly things with her. I think she has a great sense of humour and secretly want her to be my pal!
  3. - Christina puts together very difficult challenges (well at least I think they are) every Thursday. Her blog is beautiful, very feminine, classy and I think she too would appreciate pretty cupcakes!
  4. - this blog hosts a Flashback Friday spot which got me into looking through old photographs which I might otherwise not have done. So thank you and please accept this cupcake from me!
  5. - I love the photographs this girl takes in a country I just love so so much, Japan. It makes me want to go out there again right now - oh if only I could - and I will, just can't right now - boohoo!
I wish I could have given it out to more people, as all of the blogs I read are charming, creative, entertaining, beautiful, funny and well interesting!

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  1. aaaww, thanks sweetie...That is so kind of you!!

    And I love cupcakes :-)

  2. Great vacation photos! You were insanely brave to let a spider that big near you much less on you. I would have run for the hill. EEEK!

  3. omg. there is a giant spider, CRAWLING on you.

    not this girl!!

    man thats insane. I wish I was that brave.

    I think you had mentioned this when I posted the picture of the texas tarantula that we had found the other day. Its hard for me to imagine somebody NOT having arachnaphobia. Because I literally screamed. I ran, and I screamed, and I would have wet myself had that thing come any closer to me than it had.

    You are brave. VERY brave.

    And thaaaannnk you for the wonderful award!!!

  4. Firstly, Christina & Tia, you are very welcome.

    Secondly, Ha, ha - I have a huge smile and am giggling as I respond to Ali & Tia comments regarding the spider! There is no way at all I would have let that spider climb on me had I not trusted our lovely guides in Belize (Lamanai Outpost folks were so wonderful) and it took a lot of persuasion on their part and that of Anders to get me to do it!!! The spider was female, and really very beautiful but equally, yep, scary! I too would not have picked up the Texan Tarantula you found and would have screamed and also been amazed- I don't know what spiders are safe or not, and so whilst I don't kill them, I would have gotten it into some container (or gotten Anders to do it) where they couldn't escape and then released it outside! I was very proud of myself for having done this, my heart was pounding initially and then when I realised it was ok and they were not going to let it do anything that as my face shows I was both facinated and worried!

  5. oh my you are brave with that spider...

  6. Thank you kindly lady for my award! There is a little something for you too...

  7. Thank you my lovely! Dunno how I messed this as I check in most days - doof!
    That spider was huge. :) xxxxx

  8. Oh - I'm blushing at the lovely things you said. So sweet.

    I love the photos from Belize so beautiful, and you are so brave I would have been screaming like crazy if that thing had been on me. Can't wait to check out some of the blogs you passed the award onto! Such fun.