Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Some great Scottish words.

The Scots have some fantastic words that when you see them, let alone say them make you laugh, especially when used in the right context!

Here are 2 of them for now to give you a taste....

So 2 cups of tea who should get Skiver and who should get Eegit - one cup is for Anders and one cup is for me - ha, ha, ha. Decisions decisions!!!

Skiver (pronounced sky-ver) means one who avoids tasks or work in general!

Eegit (pronounced ee-jit) means idiot, simpleton, one not possessed with all their mental faculties!

the long road


  1. I love the photo of the man. Its great that he allowed you to take his pic,most wouldnt. The mugs made me laugh..we call people skivers and eejits here all the time. they have the same meanings too haha. Cute!

  2. I know both those words VERY well. I'm from Ireland, originally! But I haven't used them in a long time! ...probably because I have to explain myself continally to my fellow Canadians!


  3. Too fun. I want a set of these mugs.

  4. Love it! My mother in law has used both of those words! :O)

  5. Why do I hear Mike Myers in my head saying Eejit