Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A thing of beauty....

I love how this lady looks in this advert!

Dexter was looking over my shoulder as I wrote this and asked what it was. I said "look at this advert, I would like to look as good as her" and the sweetheart watched it and said "you are much prettier than her" - he makes my heart melt and will make some lady very very very very very happy!

He is giggling - oh to be my boy!!!

Now he and Anders are laughing and talking about how I fair against other beauties - Dexter thinks I am the most lovely person alive - yey Dexter. Anders is being sarcastic - BOOO, Hulk Smash! I will get my revenge on Anders - ha ha!!!



  1. Boys love their mamas, don't they?

  2. Ahhhh...boys. I have a million things to say about boys. But you have one, so I don't have to say them. But I'll still share the millions of smiles only a mom of boys can fully understand:D