Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Enchanting, beautiful river pool.

This is the most beautiful, enchanting river pool we found at the weekend. It was so clear and the landscape was so unspoiled and tranquil my jaw was left hanging wide open and the silence was only broken with me shrieking like an excited child at how wonderful this place was as I climbed all over the rocks and down the bank to the waterside!!! I felt like I had found a piece of Never Never Land - a truly stunning place that is such a complete escape from urban life and away from everyone else in the planet. It is somewhere so unbelievably still, exciting and enchanting - you can tell I am a city girl!!!

Can't wait to go back, perhaps we might just go camping there!


  1. Beautiful stream. Very fairy tale like.

  2. It does have that enchanted fairytale ambiance...

  3. *sharp intake of breath* Stunning!