Sunday, 4 July 2010

Leo's Beanery

We found a great place to have breakfast today, which happens to be the start of a perfect day - 4th July 2010).

Leo's Beanery does great food and has all the little touches that you find in a place that make it really special and wanting you to go back for more.

It is really quite casual, you can stay for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or indeed afternoon tea or just a pot of tea or coffee.

In the room off to the side, it is nice if you just want a coffee/tea and to sit and read a book or play some games with friends. Dexter spotted the games, and chose to play "Guess Who" with both Anders and I which was actually a lot of fun.

I suggested that we take the game through to our table and continue playing whilst we waited for breakfast.

Anders & I both chose the full breakfasts, and Dexter chose a toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon. They were served with an accompaniment of onion marmalade - really delicious.

The cappuccini that we ordered were really good too, and given that the photograph Anders took of them with me in shot were so ridiculously funny (I am assuming he was thinking of Kelis), I have put them up on the blog!

"My milky coffees bring all the boy's to the yard"!

No wonder I am lowering my eyes in shame, although really I think it should be Anders!

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