Thursday, 29 July 2010


I love the weekends because we get to do fun things all day long! For example, play this great board game over Sunday brunch at Leo's beanery who do great cafe food right on my doorstep in Edinburgh.....

...before heading to an adventure playground where Dexter got to climb a huge wooden fort....

wooden tower

...... slide down a very long shoot.....

...... swing on a tyre swing.....

....and a ball thing....

Dexter on ball swing 1

....... and shoot down a zipline.

dexter slide

dexter zip run

To top this day off we then went on a 2 mile walk through an amazing forrest with our friend Bill and Marvin Carly and Bill's dog Banjo!

Just some of the ways that we played and relaxed as a family and with friends on Sunday, just wait till I get round to posting the walk - it was an enchanted forest not just any walk we do, not special folks like us - ha, ha, ha!



  1. Now that is a playground!

  2. That is an AWESOME playground. Wooden sets are the best. The best one I've seen is in Traverse City MI...too bad it's two plane flights for us to get there LOL!

  3. These are great shots - I especially love the last one. Looks like a good time.

  4. That big tire look great! I could have fun with that!

  5. What an amazing playground. Dexter is one lucky kid.

  6. nice shots! that board game looks interesting.