Sunday, 4 July 2010

4th of July Duck Race & Bagpipes!

Ok, I firstly have a confession, I have never been to the Stockbridge Annual Duck Race before today and that was not the only first but the rest I have put up in separate blog listings this week!

I bought a duck necklace for £5 which they were selling for the occasion at the bridge!

Here is one of the Duck Wardens, I liked how he was almost a mirror image of the Anthony Gormley statue which you can see behind him in the distance!

We met Kingston and Marvin & Carly and him had their usual greetings and then watched and waited for the action to start!

Dexter too had a great vantage point to view the race.....

Then at exactly 3pm, the ducks were thrown over the bridge....
.....and are sent off and on their way by a Piper!

and the Duck Wardens follow the ducks down the river to make sure they finish the race.

Now if you want to see it on video and listen to the bagpipes, then click on the video below!

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Hi: enjoyed your post today...The video is fun to watch. We have a Duck race in our small town also when we are celebrating it's Birthday. I confess; I've never been to the start of make me want to go this year. I like your blog. Have a good Sunday. It's America's birthday today: July 4th. Everybody celebrates and there are Firework displays in towns.

  2. Great pictures! ...and what a handsome pup!
    thanks for the Paris info! Looked up Moebius and his shop and will definitely be paying a visit! Thank you! x

  3. Lisa, glad it is still there and you will definitely get brownie points for going!

    Diana, I am so glad you are enjoying my blog, I have lots to post as today really has been such a great day, feel like I am celebrating 4th of July with all the Americans it has been so great - just wish we could set off some fireworks too but the clouds are too low in the sky so they would get lost I fear! Instead I will suffice with the fireworks that will be sparking between the actors on the film Eclipse - oh I can't wait, I am just so excited I love these films.....

    So I will post up all that has been happening as and when I can over the next few days and in the meantime, Happy 4th of July!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! And what a fascinating post!
    Thanks so much for joining in on Sunday Snapshot :)

  5. Ah Hahahaha! I thought it was a REAL duck race. I was so surprised to see all those rubber duckies falling over the bridge! I'm so thick-headed this the morning;p

  6. We dont do duck races in Holland, so I;m happy that you posted this. Are all the ducks safe and sound?

  7. OH that looks like such fun.. My kids would love it. And the puppy is too cute..

  8. Beautiful photos and what fun!

    I sooo need to get a hipstimatic thing...

  9. That duck race is so cool; it looks like so much fun!!!

  10. At last, google have fixed the problem with uploading comments - perhaps it has something to do with the Happiness Project so another Yey for Leigh at Leigh vs Laundry!!

    The rubber ducks I believe were all safe and sound, and Kingston is a very cute Boxer.

    Hipstamatic ap on the i-phone is lovely and thank you to everyone for posting a comment.

  11. I've always wanted to participate in a duck race. Looks like fun.

  12. That looks like so much fun. I wish that I could come and visit you and see your beautiful city in real life. You have the coolest gardens and art. You are truly blessed!