Saturday, 31 July 2010

Scottish Wedding

Stumbled upon someones wedding today and what was lovely is that 98% of the male guests were wearing kilts - how nice. Luckily they realised I was not trying to sneak a peek under their kilts!!!

Shapely Curvaceous Cars & Legs - what more could a girl ask for?!

Also, the cars were beautiful, classic Reilly's

And of course, they had the traditional piper which nearly every Scottish wedding has and would not be the same without!

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  1. there's not much that beats a man in a kilt! Whoar!
    My brother got married in a stunning place in Ibiza, it was about 100 degrees but the guys wore kilts. Handsome devils!

  2. I remember you going to Josh's wedding and yes, kilts especially when there are lots of them look great together - think this wedding party thought I was off my head as I was scrambling about using my i-phone (especially as I didn't know them), luckily they realised I was not trying to take a shot of underneath their kilts though - ha, ha, ha!!!

  3. I've been a guest at an Indian wedding so now my goal is to be a guest at a Scottish wedding - want to see all those guys in kilts in person.

  4. Wow, those are some amazing cars. Bag pipes at a wedding huh? I never would have thought of it. I'm sure it was a site to see in these days.

    Great pictures.

  5. What a great bunch of photos. They look wonderful in sepia.

  6. Just last week I was visiting a friend who is a professional seamstress and who had the task to shorten some new pairs of jeans for my hubby. Well she was telling me about the kilts and gowns she made for her son's wedding years ago so this was timely to see. She is from England, met her hubby when he was there in the AirForce; they live in WI now where weddings in kilts and the like are not common. She shared they did have bagpipes too; the daughter in law is of Scots descent so that's how the kilts and attire were chosen. Interesting photos especially the young boy!

  7. Very nice shots. I've tried to reply to your email and also have sent an invitation for becoming a member of Soaring. Hope that you receive them well.

    Becoming a member is simple, just like posting here on your own blog. Once you accept the invitation, you'll find it quite easy to share there :)

  8. Oh, I'm so glad you shared these. I would love to have been there.

  9. gorgeous pics!! and as someone who wore a kilt for some times, no, you don't want to peak underneath...
    i'm just saying.
    traditions have such panache. it's hard to beat that.
    thanx 4 sharing!!

  10. What a fun post and photos. I think the shoes with laces to the ankles are interesting. Did you get a look at the bride's and groom's attire? Was he wearing a kilt as well? Thanks for posting.

  11. Ticklebear, I know only too well never to peak underneath!!!! I am laughing at the thought - oh perish it really!!!

    Nancy, I don't think I saw any guest not wearing a kilt, some were traditional but I even saw some contemporary ones too in that they were wearing kilts but not in tartan and all of the men, young and old looked incredibly dashing hence why I took these photos. As for the bride, yes she did look very lovely and her dress was simple, elegant and classic in style as were her bridesmaids - in fact some of the ladies who were in attendance were also really very very pretty and nicely dressed (some less so), but interestingly enough it was the men who stole the show together with the setting, flowers and cars. A wedding where all the men wear kilts is a sight to behold, especially if they are wearing the kilts well and at this wedding they were - very easy on the eye!!!

  12. oh I have anther kilt story - for hogmany in 2000 my family went to Atlanta - anyway, dad, Joff, my uncle and my cousins all took their kilts and wore them. Lots of Americans came to get photos of them and it was such a lovely night. Anyway we were crossing the road and heard someone say "Look at those mad Californians!" heehee it made our night!!