Saturday, 24 July 2010

Cat on a hot tin roof.....

Dexter Chat is now allowed outside as he is fully inoculated! So he has started to explore, firstly by going onto our extension roof (because it is very warm there) and gazing at the sky.

I did laugh at this next photo as he looks like he is about to get the chop in a guillotine!

He decided to venture down.....
Onto one of the outside lamps.....

Having done that he didn't want to jump the rest of the way and instead jumped back onto the roof! Clearly a cat who loves a hot tin roof (it isn't really a tin roof but then my title wouldn't have sounded so good would it)!

1 comment:

  1. This series makes me laugh but there is NO WAY that Kitty Paw will ever be going outside. Before she was mine, she had her claws removed so she'd be helpless outdoors. She would only dream of going out in the great big world. :)