Sunday, 25 July 2010


You would need to be blind to not see the awe inspiring beauty of the naked landscape of Scotland. You just need to sometimes look to see what is obvious and what is sometimes not and this is what I did when we came across this crossing point of two streams which merge together at a very fast pace and form rapids that wash over these rocks.

If you look at the formations of the rocks, you can sometimes find hidden monster forms

or a message of love....

And even though, Dexter got wet whilst climbing on the rocks as he had slipped into the shallower water between some of the rocks, he didn't have to go home naked as we had a towel in the car to wrap him up in and dry him off - boys will be boys!!!

The Sunday Creative


  1. Those are fabulous! And what a creative eye!

  2. Beautiful shots! I love the rapids :)

  3. Beautiful landscapes. I love the one that looks like a heart!

  4. Great take on this prompt - I'm still completed stumped.