Thursday, 22 July 2010

Black & White

White = Pure?
Was Nico the inspiration behind this?

Black = Impure?

Black & White - more complex I think don't you?

as is Colour!

This brightly coloured mask worn in the film/song below reminds me so much of this chair - was it the inspiration behind it?

The chair was designed by Fabio Novembre for Driade. and is called “Memo”. The face mask chair comes in Black, White and a lacquer red, and can fit well in a spacious living room or in a fancy garden. Probably The Mask was not the inspiration, but the human form is something that does inspire Fabio in his other furniture designs.



  1. Love this series of photos! Very artistically done!:)

  2. OMG the shot from the mask's "point of view" is brilliant!!!

  3. Very cool shots! I really like that mask.

  4. Wow - lovely pictures and some deep thoughts to go along with them

  5. Cool shots! The sculpture was made to be shot in b&w!