Thursday, 15 July 2010


This challenge is about vehicles - to capture them. Well there are so many cars that I love and have already featured which you can look up under my classic car labels - so what was I going to do for this one? I was very tempted to repeat photographing our 1966 VW Splitty, but then I saw:-

Some amazing pieces of heavy transportation equipment which on seeing I initially thought looked like they were characters in from a cartoon movie!

I just started to smile!

They are too cool for Bob the Builder,

Aren't they fantastic?

How different they are from the Whacky Races style of these classic cars which I spotted in a garage all fully restored:

This car looks like it could have been driven by the Ant Mob... perfectly restored and ready to go, how lovely

So how about a song about cars!!!! Straight from the 1980's, Gary Numan singing Cars - ha, ha, ha!

Whilst I don't necessarily go with the cartoon theme, the song is all about cars and what the hell it makes me laugh thinking about the seriousness of it all!!!



  1. You love your vehicles :) I love your shots.

  2. That's some amazing heavy equipment unlike any I've ever seen so I'm glad you shared. Also, very clever of you to include the song video.

  3. Great contrast, those forst vehicles are pretty cool looking I'm imagining a Pixar cartoon.

  4. Wow, I really enjoyed your shots and the way you edited them. So urban gritty!

  5. Cool! I really like your editing!

  6. LOVE that old car! Nice editing too!