Monday, 5 July 2010

A walk along Dean Village in central Edinburgh

Now I have to say, I am lucky enough to stay in one very picturesque and beautiful city. This is a walk that takes you from Leith (basically the old port of Edinburgh) right through the city centre and beyond!

It joins with cycle paths and is just so lovely to stroll through, and you can make it as long or as short as you want. Stockbridge & the Dean Village are only about a 5 minute walk from each other along the water of Leith and from there you can go on and reach the Museum of Modern Art.

Edinburgh is an old city and consists of the Old Town (where the castle is situated and St Giles Cathedral - and the original St Giles Cathedral where there are records dating back to 854 of the original parish church)!

The New Town of Edinburgh was basically built in the 1800's and prior to that The Dean Village & Stockbridge were villages outside the city walls of Edinburgh itself and were the working areas. To get from Stockbridge to the Dean Village, you walk past The St Bernard's Well, and come out at the Dean Village. One of the first mills you come across belongs to RMJM a firm of architects. One of our friends is the artist they use who designs buildings for them to have aesthetic WOW - this is one of the buildings she designed.

And now you are in the Dean Village.....

....coming out at Miller Row!

The Dean Village is really pretty as you can see.

There are places you can sit and catch the sun, look out onto the river and even dry your clothes on the line!

Along the river, you find people fishing, and dogs (like Marvin & Carly) going in for a dip!

There are several waterfalls along the way....

....and bridges that connect to the banks so you can continue your stroll. It is just really lovely and we are so lucky to live here


  1. What a gorgeous place - makes me want to book a flight

  2. That is so kind of you to say so Jamie, and yes, Edinburgh is really beautiful. August is a great time to come as the city comes alive with the biggest arts festival in the world - I am very lucky to live here

  3. What goreous architecture. I would love to visit one day! I can imagine the photo ops are endless!!

  4. wow, dean village looks beautiful! i love little towns like that. looks like you had a fabulous day :)

  5. I was in Edinburgh many, many years ago. It was lovely. :)

  6. Knickknacks, I am so glad that you liked Edinburgh when you visited.

    Thank you to you all for leaving a comment, and yep, we sure do have some lovely architecture in our capital city of Edinburgh.

  7. What gorgeous pics. Love your dogs. Happy times!

  8. HI, thank you for this..i am planning a visit to edinburgh and Dean Village is on my itenerary. would you kindly give me direction how to get there coming from princess street gardens? thank you so much.

  9. There are several ways you can go along the Water of Leith but this one started at Stockbridge. From Princess Street you go down Frederick Street which becomes Howe Street and then continue following the main road which at the bottom of Howe Street (traffic lights there) curves to the left. Continue down until you come to a further set of traffic lights and there is a junction which if you turn left along Saunders Street will take you to the start of the walk which I describe here. Once you come out at Miller Row, you take a right, you will pass the building with the Stockbridge Education logo and just past that you should take a left, go through an archway and that is the square which is in the photographs with the large clock. Continue along and it is all sign posted and further on you can chose to come out at the Gallery of Modern Art where you will find a very nice tea shop as well as great art! Thank you for asking and glad you liked the post.