Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The best motorway stop in the world - at least that we have ever been to!

Anders and I have driven passed The House of Bruer which is situated north of Perth at Pitlochry as you drive north to Inverness thinking it was just some tourist trap that would be not really that great! However, our friend Jill said that we really should go there as people from miles around there go as they have the most fantastic deli - so we stopped off at this "House of Bruer" on Saturday - and oh my goodness what she said was so true - it was just pure joy, joy, food heaven joy! Never again will we think of this being just another motorway trap serving gruel - no sirree, this place sells and serves the most eye impressing
Food Glorious Food...

It is the Aladdin's cave of yummy treats - no polite "can I have some more please sir" it is a straight full on "we want more pie, we want more pie - yummy pie" in a caveman voice!

You can literally buy so many yummy things, fish, meats (there is a huge butchery area with massive fridges which you can see the beefs hanging), shortbread/sweets, soft and alcoholic drinks, cheese; fresh fruit and veg and of course the pies, yes indeedie, the pies.....

Yes, it is their hot pies that are just to die for which we only bought one of - urgh!

Dexter was the lucky person that had chosen to have one. Yes it was so good that under duress he reluctantly gave Anders and I a bite each as we were so enthralled at his neanderthal devouring of the pie we needed to try it ..... and it was the most unbelievably delicious pie we have ever eaten never again will we just drive on by and not stop here!

There selection of cold pies were impressive as you can see, I was very excited and came away having spent £78 on various goodies and that was me holding back!!

All the food is beautifully displayed.

The salmon selection below!

Outside, the fruit and veg too makes you want to buy it.

In addition to the deli (which for us was the Aladdin's cave), you can stop off at their cafe and eat something hearty before getting back into your car. Bus tours stop there as in addition to the fantastic food area you can shop for literally anything you want (it is for some people a Mecca for cashmere as an example) - we were amazed!


  1. Oh I wish we'd found that one when we were in Scotland! We liked Tebay on the M6...a good area for the dogs to have a proper "off lead" walk &, even better, a fantastic farm shop with a proper butcher. We particularly liked the butcher's because they gave Radar & Rio half a dozen raw lambs ribs to share (they're Barf dogs!)!