Sunday, 11 July 2010

July Wedding.....

Saturday is a day a lot of people choose to have their weddings, Anders and I were no exception when we tied the knot, and either was this couple who chose to get married today.

Now, I didn't stay to see the bride/groom - it was pouring with rain and I had leapt out of the car when I spotted the really impressive piper who was at my friends wedding - as he was playing where she grew up and it reminded me of her and her wedding day (and for that matter all the weddings I have attended of loved ones)! So enjoy....

Here he is, he takes his job very seriously as you can see and actually it brought a tear to my eye as I thought of my wedding to my lovely Anders....

Here he is standing next to another piper to put it into perspective - he is a giant Scotsman!
Below is him getting ready for eventually being called to walk the bride to her groom!

No more bagpipe music though as twice in a month for me is more than enough for me (actually probably for longer than that!)

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