Friday, 9 July 2010

A reflection of me.....

How can I be defined by three?
It is far too limiting for me!

Yep, you read right I said it, too limiting! I am not minimalist in any way, I admire minimalism and can see the beauty in its simplicity, but I am eclectic in person and by taste so I could never find enough things that represent me ever! Who I was, and who I am, are one and the same yet different. I am open to change, yet I identify with the past, I love many things, yet don't necessarily chose to let it brand me although I am sure like everyone I am judged!

However that is what I am being asked to conform to in this challenge, to define myself by 3 things, so clearly by debating this I am not a conformist! I am a rebel (well only at times although I never thought of myself as that before now)!

I am the product of my ancestry, genetically programmed to be like some or all of them in one way or another. Those forces all fighting for some air time and to live on in me. Some I have never known either in person or about, and some which I do, but that too is a comfort and a warmth that we live on in one form or another. Goodness this is rather deep and scary - ha, ha, clearly one of them have decided to have their say in this blog piece, yikes!

I am there in my fantastic husband whom I am joined to by my heart. Ah, yes, my heart that has gotten bigger and stronger through him and has multiplied and exploded into mini me and him in our son whom I just adore......

I am there in my son, an occasional look, an occasional mischievous thought, a loving hug and a great old full knock you off your feet and roll about laughing in the moment kiss.....

Yet within that constraint, I am me, the me that I chose to be, that I want to be, the me that I change my mind to be, go back and be, on occasion regret be but ultimately let be and accept be......

I am my own heart and my own mind and my own voice - that is therefore my 3 which I cannot find enough objects to photograph so instead put up with photos of me!

Some people will be curious about me, or not;
like me or not;
admire me or not;
aspire to be like me or not;
or just be plain old indifferent to me, and you know that is really all ok......
.....yep it is truly all ok...... long as I live my life trying to be happy just being me,
with people that I love and love me,
that might be enough to be perfect for me
yep, it is all ok, it is all ok!

At Diva's & Dreams you can join in on this creative capturing this is who I am workshop, this link doesn't appear to be working to take you there, so go to the sidebar and click if you are interested!


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post! Be true to yourself and stay happy always! :)

  2. What a cool challenge - you did a much better job with it than I could.

  3. Thank you knickknacks I am so glad you enjoyed reading this, ....

    .....and Jamie, you are way to flattering about my creative entry, but thank you anyway as it is always great to get such fine compliments!

    Capturing yourself however is something I struggle with as even if I managed to, is that only me now or is it me from the past or what I want to be - you see, already rebelling against the parameters set! For me therefore to do it with 3 actual objects - way way too hard and I would never be happy with whatever I chose, even if I had managed to do so! I like the fact that other people have, and perhaps they have only left a little about themselves allowing people to want more, or maybe for them it is that simple, and that too is fine - see, there I go again (and it almost (but not quite) sounds like a Dolly Parton song coming on)!!

  4. I LOVE rebels...and you are a fantastic one :-)

    Great reading dear!

    Thanks for doing this assignment :-)

  5. very cool take on this assignment! love the words and the photos! Rebels always inspire me...i can be very rebellious with some things and then plan old wimpy about others. Love that you are you.