Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Hitting a brick wall!

Sometimes you can hit a brick wall! That is exactly what I did yesterday, not literally, but as I was downloading all the pictures I had taken over the last weekend and yesterday and simultaneously thinking about what picture could I, should I, would I use that would look black and white!

You see, Anders, Dexter and I saw some beautiful places this weekend, but what would look good in black & white - and there it was facing me!

As was this scenic shot, but then, like the brick wall, it too looks good in colour!

Then, all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye I spotted:-

An incy wincy spider, although from the photo above it looks like the revenge of the 80ft Spider.....

.....or this one looks like it has just done a fatal injection on someone's arm in a horror film
(it is on a wall and not on anyone's arm).....

Somehow a photo in black & white of a spider looks sinister and in this case looks good in black & white!

the long road


  1. Creepy spider. Love the scenic one too.

  2. Wow, those spider photos are crazy! Especially the first one - is that a shadow? Very spooky! Great job capturing it!

  3. The spider shots are cute, but the landscape one is gorgeous...

  4. These shots are very interesting - the brick photo is so graphic and those spider shots...incredible. Nice job.