Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Anthony Gormley Iron Man watching over Leith, Royal Yacht Britannia & everyone else who sails into harbour!

There are 6 Anthony Gormley's situated along the water of Leith, I have so far found the time to find 3!

This one looks out to sea from Leith Docks. It is next to the Royal Yacht Britannia, various other large cruise ships and industrial tankers. Here he is at the very end of this broken wooden pier!

Here is The Royal Yacht Britannia.....
That is what he would see if he turned his head to the left....
Here is the industrial shipping site & ship that he sees if he were to turn his head to the right!
Guarding the sea and all that sail into harbour......

The land on the other side is the Scottish Fife coast.