Thursday, 8 July 2010

Sometimes I dream..... A magnificent Lighthouse the inspiration!

A song to listen to to set the scene

Being grumpy every now and then is my cathartic way of letting go. In the future, when I see myself becoming that (which thankfully isn't too often) I will dream of being someone else the real me, the happy and positive person that I actually normally am and have a lot of fun being!!!

This was a really hard challenge for me as the only negative word that I think of about myself (and because I can get told it when I am!), on occasions is grumpy! Usually it is if I am feeling hard done to (doing housework/laundry)! Maybe I could have thought of more, but I am generally a pretty happy and positive person, and today was no exception! Thankfully being grumpy isn't too often (sigh of relief from husband and son). Through doing this post I now have a visual for me to no longer be grumpy - I will transport myself to the dream machine!

You see, Anders, Dexter, Marvin, Carly & I had a great evening walk which took us to an old, disused lighthouse. The building is just fantastic, graffiti and all. Even the bad language adds to it as clearly the building seems to be having a dialogue with those who look at it and therefore I feel like they are entwined - maybe it is the lighthouse telling us off for abandoning it and allowing the seagulls to poop on it!

As I wandered around it, inside and out, I came across a magical room. Perhaps the rusty mechanical things were the soul of the lighthouse like a portal. Perhaps it was a machine that changed people - a dream machine, how, I don't know, but the message on the wall was evocative and I fell in love with this building!

If you are interested, the continuation of this is at

I have posted more on this enchanting building and will continue to do so, but for now, this is my post for:


  1. What a fun place to explore.

  2. love your photos! i can relate to your negative word, i often feel grumpy. especially when it comes time to clean the house...blah

  3. Wow, what a special place...a light house and a timemachine...very symbolic :-) Love the writing on the wall - so cool!!!

    This was a really great post!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this :-)



  4. This lighthouse is amazing. Would love to pass away an afternoon taking pictures, am sure there is lots to discover there. The quote is wonderful, truly. There's been a lot of grumpiness in our house lately (mostly due to the heat) and I keep thinking "it's okay. this is not who I am, this is not who he is. It's the heat." lol

  5. this is really nicely done :) good job!