Sunday, 18 July 2010

Steam Trains in the Highlands of Scotland

There was a steam train fair on this weekend which seems to be an annual tradition in Boat of Garten a small village in the Highlands of Scotland.

Actually, this weekend turned out to be full of traditions as yesterday we went to this, and today we stumbled upon other traditional events in Dumfries which is in the south west of Scotland - but they will be posted separately!

So for now, it is steam trains in the Highlands of Scotland, an annual event which takes place to celebrate - yep, you guessed it - steam trains! Whilst there were I am sure a lot of train enthusiasts amongst the crowds, it definitely has a much broader appeal as could be seen by the many different types of people who had come to see it. For us it felt like taking a step back in time or onto the set of Monarch of the Glen (so I am told although I have not actually seen it, but part of it was filmed near here).

Now whilst this might not be at all Scottish as far as songs go, it does have a steam train theme to it to put you in the mood! At the very end you will see a short video I took of part of the train journey.

This is the quaint train station at Boat of Garten (10 minutes away by steam train from Aviemore)

The trains are run on coal...

This chap was responsible for shovelling it into the fire which you can see inside the open hatch.

Below is the ladies waiting room exactly like stepping back to the 30's or 40's inside!

Inside the signal box where all the action takes place to make sure the tracks are correct for the trains coming in and out of the station. The guards have to follow the traditional lines of manning this signal box, each lever having a purpose, and each action having to be followed to the letter to ensure accidents don't happen!

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  1. Looking at these photos makes me feel as if I've stepped back in time. So very cool.

  2. Amazing photos! I love your take on the theme. I wish that trains were still very much a part of all our traditions!