Friday, 16 July 2010


I love flowers, their daintiness, their femininity, their ability to make a waste land look less hostile. They have the ability to calm and extend comfort and compassion, flair passion, share sorrow and joy. They commemorate and symbolise something of meaning and provide a world full of colour and scent.

The sunflower, so childlike and lanky - like a catwalk model.

This pink flower, so delicate, almost like a butterfly or a frilly petticoat

This lily so fragrant, and dramatic

These chrysanthemums, so oriental and splendid

Wild ground cover flowers which withstand harsh winds

This orange lily so autumnal in colour, yet here it was in summer

The Scottish Thistle, which represents a nation

A wonderful yellow rose which represents faithfullness, something one wants from a loved one and friend....

Flowers, they are just so beautiful, too many to have in this one post, but here are some I came across this week......

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