Tuesday, 27 July 2010

5000 Year old Yew Tree

This Yew Tree in the grounds of a church in Kenmore is 5000 years old, can you believe it?!

It is rumoured that Pontius Pilate was born in the hamlet of Fortingall, which lies at the entrance to the dramatic and picturesque highland glen of Glen Lyon. It is claimed that Pontius Pilate was related to the Scots King, Metallanus, whose royal seat was located on a hill fort called Dun Geal the White Fort which is based at Fortingall - who would have thought!!!

Well after all that thinking, we needed refreshment so luckily enough, right next to this 5000 year old Yew Tree is a hotel which is really rather nice.

This hotel is really beautiful inside and has a very nice menu on offer and decor which entices you to come and stay. The location of this hotel offers great walks, cycles and wildlife including red squirrels, birds and of course deer.

We settled on scones, jam and coffee, whilst Dexter had a glass of cold milk!

We were going to come back here for dinner, but then thought against it as we didn't know whether that would be possible given the journey we had planned. It is however somewhere that is worth paying a visit to too, so we have taken note!

The staff were really helpful and the hotel is more classic in its style and also pays special attention to detail, an example of which is the gum boots which guests can use should they find the weather has turned for the worse!


  1. Oh my goodness. I loved learning this bit of history today. What a great photo essay about your trip. I loved it. Thank you!

  2. 5000 years old!!! that is crazy! looks like a fun day, the coffee and scones would be my favorite part :)

  3. *wistful sigh* Even more reasons to add to the growing list of 'why I desperately want to visit Scotland'! What a gorgeous place...thank you SO much for sharing it with us :D