Saturday, 30 April 2011

Your Scottish subjects salute you!

The Royal Wedding was beautiful.
No sooner had it finished, here are some of the people I saw who too were celebrating the day - love it!
Thank you for the day off!
Then I stumbled upon someone else getting married!
That's not all however!  I will keep the rest of the celebrations for another post, it was a great day....

Friday, 29 April 2011

The day of the Royal Wedding of Kate & William has arrived, will they have learnt their lessons from Charles Dickens....

They make their own history and destiny even though like so many others who they follow in the footsteps of, other people who too have chosen to get married. Today however is really their day, when they get married and merge create their own branches of a family tree....
For us UK subjects today here where I stay it is beautiful blue skies and the start of another extra long weekend as both today and Monday are public holidays! Holiday time for us UK subjects to write our own memories by doing things that make us happy!  What we do on this bank holiday weekend, I will I am sure share with you another day......!
In the meantime, I hope you have a happy weekend, perhaps it will be watching the wedding of Kate and William, perhaps it will be having your own tea party in their honour as the whole world seems to be obsessed with them, perhaps it will be doing something special with your loved ones, or just doing nothing at all and having a ball doing just that! Whatever we all chose to do, like another wonderful story,  I just hope we all have a wonderful life!

Skywatch Friday
Give me your best shot at Better in BulkPhotoStory Friday

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Scrooge lessons on Royal Weddings continued....

 Yesterday, you saw the tale (window display) from Royals Weddings past.  Today I show you another window display (or perhaps another lesson from Scrooge)  that made me laugh.  If this was from the tale of Scrooge, perhaps this means to symbolise bubbles or balloons bursting in the present!  Then again, if this is from the tale Dickens wrote about Scrooge, William and Kate can of course change this story's destiny as it is of a time yet to be written.....

Stories and Fairytales, isn't that what Royal Weddings are meant to be!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Royal Wedding, till death do us part.....

It is 2 days before the big Royal Wedding and this chiropractor window display made me laugh!
Maybe this is a homage to Scrooge, the wedding of Royals past!

Come back tomorrow when I have a display that might symbolise the ghost of Royal Weddings future!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Day out of the norm!

Yesterday was a bit of a day out of the norm for us.  We went to TK Maxx as I wanted to see if I could find any photo albums, which I did complete with acid free paper, yey!  Whilst there, Dexter came up to me and said, "I have found the biggest shoes ever", and sure enough they were.... huge.  Big feet, must have big hands and ....of course..... they could be unisex!!!
The TK Maxx shop is next to Kentucky Fried Chicken, a place Anders and I have not eaten from in all the years we have been together and Dexter has never eaten from there at all which may come as a surprise :-)
Anyway, Anders and Dexter went in to Kentucky Fried Chicken to use the loo, and came out thinking they would like to try some of the chicken, as you do of course!  So we got some take out and ate it in the garden with Aperol and Cava, Dexter had fruit juice! The Chicken and the Corn on the Cob were great :-)  not something we would advocate having often, but then, from what I have just said, you can see we are not fast food junkies!

This has turned out to be a great Easter weekend as I have the best boys in the world. They made this weekend really happy for me, we have been out and about the whole time and I have not stopped, so have not developed any spools yet (and there are lots of them now) or downloaded any of the digital photos except for these from my i-phone!  So what did we do, well Dexter and I have been up in a Helicopter. We have been to a fantastic outdoor car boot sale which my Mother loved going to and got some fantastic photographs there (or think we did but won't know until we develop the film). We stumbled upon some Blue Grass music which was so much fun and some of the tunes I recognise from Brother where art thou a film I really like (shown above as did a video of them singing on my i-phone).  We have been walking on beaches, painting eggs in a lovely cafe in Gullane and then rolling them down the hill in the Botanics. These I will share with you another day once I am a bit more organised!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Not my idea of a Highland Fling!

Anders and I went for a walk the other week in the Royal Mile as it was a beautiful evening as Dexter was away with the Cubs visiting the Royal Observatory (both visits were "educational", this one however I am so glad I didn't have to explain as to why these girls were carrying about a blow up man doll). It was a weekday and so didn't really expect to stumble upon a group of girls celebrating a hen night (bachelorette party) as normally this happens at weekends.  

Not an advert for Scotland or Sean Connery, but it did make me think of the song Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang!


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter and Scavenger Hunting...

Happy Easter everyone and I am off to race rolling some eggs like I used to as a child down a hill and eat chocolate with my loved ones and be thankful for being able to do that. Painting eggs and then watching them race each other as they roll down a hill and smash is something that I now love to do with Dexter, and it is something he really looks forward to, especially as Marvin and Carly like to chase after them too! Funnily enough, I saw some Easter Bunnies yesterday (very old women on a hen-night wearing Playboy bunny ears and smoking) but we were in the car and I wouldn't have been able to catch them which is a shame!  I think that would have been a great image to capture, but is one you will just have to imagine.  In compensation, here are my images for Scavenger Hunt.....


This weeks prompts over at Scavenger Hunt Sunday are Reflections; Guess what this is; What's inside; Playtime and Lawn/Garden. My images which are given in no particular order so you can try to think which comes with which word prompt I think it makes it more interesting :-)
Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Friday, 22 April 2011

Old photos which make me laugh

Each one of these hold a memory for me or my sister (or both of us) and make us laugh!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

He has gone...

On this beautiful bright sunny day, he went away
never to return
Now the sky has gone grey, so I will pray
and be thankful for no more pain
When the sky turns dark, and stars shine and dance in their play
I will look up at the sky and remember
When I last saw him he was pallid
He clearly needed my Mum's home cooking of potatoes with chicken and salad
and maybe he will get that where he is going!

RIP Dad 12/12/1924 - 21/04/2011

New spring blossoming

I liked this garden, it was a little colour and beauty within the falling apart old ruins of what once was a house.  The outside walls of this house were from the 1600's and whilst still standing, and even though it had completely fallen apart, inside of what would have been some family's home, there now grew a lovely garden.  Spring was blossoming there from within, even in the walls where the fire places would have been were now bird tweeting amongst the ivy, getting shelter amongst all of springs new growth.

Calm and peace came to my Stepfather yesterday when I saw him last and remains to be the case :-). I was told he had apparently been asleep most of the night and day from the last evening when I was there, mainly I know as a result of the extremely heavy cocktail of drugs he is now getting. That said, when I visited him yesterday evening he awoke and opened his eyes and tried to look at my face, and even raised his hand which he then clumsily threw into mine, much to my surprise as I was not expecting that! I think he knew it was me, but more importantly he seemed settled and continues to be. Spring for him seems to be coming and I left him in a state of calm, his brow relaxed, his breathing constant and having good dreams instead of the dark and long days full of nightmares.  Maybe he too is seeing a new spring garden growing and maybe soon he too will hear songs ....

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

When things are not how you want, find things that make you smile....

My life is going through a lot of things just now (including my step-father dying horribly just now), and one of the things that is giving me clarity is my photography. In addition to Anders and Dexter, it is one of the things that makes me find moments of joy, laughter and an alternative focus through what is unpleasant for me but more for my stepfather of course! 
I love taking the images that I take as they really do give me a vehicle to express what I see/think and love about life. That is something that I will not give up on as I like what I have done (not all of it, but then who does?).  I know I have taken some good pictures, and I know I have taken some duff ones, but more importantly, I don’t beat myself up about that because I do them for my own enjoyment first and foremost, they are a part of me, the happy, the mundane and the sad. If it turns out that other people get something out of the images I capture (whatever that might be), then that is an added pleasure and something I will always be very grateful for :-)
These pictures (all of which I like) I took using a Rollei A110 spy camera which takes the 110 film I remember using as a teenager!  This little camera is one I picked up for next to nothing and had a hoot playing with and cost a small fortune in its day! Makes me feel like like a child, daring, carefree and cheeky - free and alive with a fresh view of what else is going on around me.  Hope you like them as much as I do :-)