Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I'm so happy, yes so happy!

Do you remember I blogged about doing a swap and wanting to be like a very own Julie Andrews through the post?  Well this afternoon, my swap partner Cassie sent me a little something through the post from Australia - yey!

I'm so happy, yes so happy (yes, I know I have changed the lyrics but go with me on it as I think it goes with my mood for this, upbeat and happy)....

Cassie just sent me the most sweet and well thought out gift, thank you so much - and it made me very happy.  She not only hand made lovelies (she seems to be fantastic at sewing and making really pretty and girly things and seems to be fantastic with a sewing machine, material and a bit of ingenious crafty flair), but she also chose for me a camera case which has a Contax G1 on the front of it (it is a fantastic camera too which I like using), a photo album and a keyring with a beautifully hand painted Babushka.  She is just so sweet and lovely and has clearly put so much thought, kindness and love into this which I am extremely grateful for. 

This mystery swap organised by Jamie  is one which I am so glad to have been involved with :-)

and I am loved by 2 wonderful boys too (Dexter & Anders of course)!!!!



  1. Of course, I had to sing along! After all, the words were right before me. :) Love that you feel happy, oh so happy! I especially like the Babushka! So sweet!

  2. Your friend, Cassie, does seem to be a creative and thoughtful gift-giver!


  3. It is always fun to get a package in the mail! Very nice gifts.

  4. A post full of love! Those goodies look like they could definitely put a smile on the face!

  5. What a lovely packaged! I love seeing the joy spreading.

  6. Looks like a generous and thoughtful gift!