Thursday, 14 April 2011

Lust for Life....

I love life, and get high on embracing it. I know the song of this title has a darker side, but it is a song which I have always loved. I remember loving it in my teens, singing it, dancing to it and being happy hearing it with my friends. I remember loving it from the film Trainspotting (shot in Scotland)  and it happened to be the one I heard when I turned the radio on and it went perfectly with a picture of a guy I stumbled across at the weekend who in looking at the photographs worked perfectly with the song.

He was with his pals, out in the sunshine, drinking. The group of them clearly took a shine to me as I walked with Anders, Dexter, Marvin & Carly.  I had snapped a picture of them as a group earlier on  on my walk (an ok shot but doesn't have the feel of this song), and on the way back to the car, this guy within the group decided to interact and show off to me almost in a chat up sort of fashion which I thought hysterical! He showed me the second tattoo first (Jack the Lad), then he started to do a striptease which was so funny and he offered to show me more as a way of calling me back to return to him as I had started to walk off again! It was actually so funny, Anders too found this to be the case, he was hanging about in the background with Dexter and the dogs! Clearly with drink tinted glasses I can still get the attention of the boys (even though I might even be old enough to be his Gran - that is quite a thought)!!!



  1. What a character...sounds like a funny encounter! Got your email and look forward to posting the next round. Great submission!

  2. You have a gift for finding the personalities on your streets. I'm so glad you share it with us.

  3. i had the song in my head as soon as i saw your post title on the sidebar of my blog!

  4. I got the same Tattoo :D