Tuesday, 12 April 2011

People watching..

Life and people fascinate me and like candles make  my mind flicker.

I love how life is a constant, ever changing and yet it also does full circles with all the pieces in between and outside of it! In some ways I feel like a bird, flying high, always looking for something that catches my inspiration, for which I am thankful I am able to find a lot of both from within myself, my family and from the world in general!

This is what the camera captures for me for me to savour and enjoy forever.....

Word prompt being Fly


  1. Love the way you captured the glow of the candles. The background is dark, but I can still discern some of the people and what they are doing. Great job with the B&W conversion, too! Thanks for stopping by at Communal Global and sharing your photos with us.

  2. The candles glowing gives that photo such an interesting texture and warmth!

  3. Interesting mood in the first photo.

  4. Dark but with such a light feeling!

  5. Interesting thoughts and photos. Thanks!


  6. That first photo is so inviting. The glow of the people behind that bright light draws me in, makes me want to see more.