Wednesday, 20 April 2011

When things are not how you want, find things that make you smile....

My life is going through a lot of things just now (including my step-father dying horribly just now), and one of the things that is giving me clarity is my photography. In addition to Anders and Dexter, it is one of the things that makes me find moments of joy, laughter and an alternative focus through what is unpleasant for me but more for my stepfather of course! 
I love taking the images that I take as they really do give me a vehicle to express what I see/think and love about life. That is something that I will not give up on as I like what I have done (not all of it, but then who does?).  I know I have taken some good pictures, and I know I have taken some duff ones, but more importantly, I don’t beat myself up about that because I do them for my own enjoyment first and foremost, they are a part of me, the happy, the mundane and the sad. If it turns out that other people get something out of the images I capture (whatever that might be), then that is an added pleasure and something I will always be very grateful for :-)
These pictures (all of which I like) I took using a Rollei A110 spy camera which takes the 110 film I remember using as a teenager!  This little camera is one I picked up for next to nothing and had a hoot playing with and cost a small fortune in its day! Makes me feel like like a child, daring, carefree and cheeky - free and alive with a fresh view of what else is going on around me.  Hope you like them as much as I do :-)


  1. Sorry about your step dad. Glad your photography is a little bit of a release.

  2. Sorry to hear he's doing poorly...hoping things can go as easily as possible. Thoughts with you.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your stepfather, but I'm also so glad you have something that helps you get away and enables you to do something you love.