Thursday, 21 April 2011

New spring blossoming

I liked this garden, it was a little colour and beauty within the falling apart old ruins of what once was a house.  The outside walls of this house were from the 1600's and whilst still standing, and even though it had completely fallen apart, inside of what would have been some family's home, there now grew a lovely garden.  Spring was blossoming there from within, even in the walls where the fire places would have been were now bird tweeting amongst the ivy, getting shelter amongst all of springs new growth.

Calm and peace came to my Stepfather yesterday when I saw him last and remains to be the case :-). I was told he had apparently been asleep most of the night and day from the last evening when I was there, mainly I know as a result of the extremely heavy cocktail of drugs he is now getting. That said, when I visited him yesterday evening he awoke and opened his eyes and tried to look at my face, and even raised his hand which he then clumsily threw into mine, much to my surprise as I was not expecting that! I think he knew it was me, but more importantly he seemed settled and continues to be. Spring for him seems to be coming and I left him in a state of calm, his brow relaxed, his breathing constant and having good dreams instead of the dark and long days full of nightmares.  Maybe he too is seeing a new spring garden growing and maybe soon he too will hear songs ....

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