Sunday, 10 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts.....

This week I have been playing about with two lenses, one being another type of old cine camera lens, one of the results being a vignette which it produces by itself (not via photoshop).


"Waiting to Click"

"In Fashion"

"Animal's Perspective"



If you missed me last week it is because I submitted my Scavenger Hunt entry on Tuesday because we had Mother's Day over in the UK.  

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Prompts provided by Scavenger Hunt Sunday were Motion, Waiting to Click, In Fashion, Animal's Perspective and Many.


    1. love the graingy black and white mixed in with the vibrant colours

    2. I love the raw black and white of your first handful of shots.

    3. Love your animal's perspectve shots and the many shot of the beautiful blooms.

    4. I love how edgy and modern your photos are. great work!

    5. Your photography has such a distinct sense of *style.* I particularly enjoy your "animal's perspective this week :)

    6. Your photos turned out great this week...I'm especially loving those motion shots.

    7. Hello
      Stopping by to see your scanvenger hunt finds. LOVE LOVE LOVE the motion and fashion. Great set of photos all together.
      Have a good one!!!

    8. all great! especially love your in fashion shots, fun