Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts.....

Every Sunday, Ashley puts over 5 word prompts, this week they are Time; Poem/Poetry; Outside; Zoom and Isolation. Here are my submissions for this week, but you can work out which picture fits each, or maybe they fit more than one! I know the first one is from a few years ago (If you have been following this blog you will tell from how young Dexter is in it), but it is one I took years ago and only stumbled across it because I found an old spool of film which I had not developed and it made me happy to see it.  The rest, they were taken over the last week :-)

The two pictures below however I thought went with the words I had to write early on Saturday morning as my stepfather struggled for air. He is dying and yet is fighting onto life. He is really struggling and I just want him to have peace and light that is all I ask for him.

Fighting for air, fighting for and from light
oxygen, oxygen, oxygen

Calling for care, calling for air
fight, fight, light

Isolation in pain, fighting to remain,
oxygen, oxygen, light, light, light....................

Scavenger Hunt Sunday


    1. Just love that first picture! Your words and last two shots are very moving. I hope your stepfather is peaceful today.x

    2. Peaceful indeed.

    3. I love the shot of the dog on the sidewalk. I pray for peace for your stepfather.

    4. I love that you dug up that shot of Dexter and Anders for your time shot. Wishing you and your stepdad good thoughts!

    5. May peace be with you, your stepdad and your family during this difficult transition.

    6. I will definitely have you and your stepdad in my family right now - love the photos, that first one is classic.

    7. May your stepfather find peace somehow.