Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter and Scavenger Hunting...

Happy Easter everyone and I am off to race rolling some eggs like I used to as a child down a hill and eat chocolate with my loved ones and be thankful for being able to do that. Painting eggs and then watching them race each other as they roll down a hill and smash is something that I now love to do with Dexter, and it is something he really looks forward to, especially as Marvin and Carly like to chase after them too! Funnily enough, I saw some Easter Bunnies yesterday (very old women on a hen-night wearing Playboy bunny ears and smoking) but we were in the car and I wouldn't have been able to catch them which is a shame!  I think that would have been a great image to capture, but is one you will just have to imagine.  In compensation, here are my images for Scavenger Hunt.....


This weeks prompts over at Scavenger Hunt Sunday are Reflections; Guess what this is; What's inside; Playtime and Lawn/Garden. My images which are given in no particular order so you can try to think which comes with which word prompt I think it makes it more interesting :-)
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. That Panda bag was everywhere at Ocean Park when we went there on Wednesday!

  2. Really interesting shots - the gorilla makes me laugh.

  3. The panda bag is eerie to me. Love the reflection shot of the tube(?) and the lawn.
    My daughter made Jello-No-Bake Reese Cup Pie. Oh, my! Delicious! Will walk it off tomorrow. :)