Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Your very own Julie Andrews through the post.....

What better way to spread some happiness than to be matched up with someone who you will mail a little surprise something to!  

Stewie took his invisible hamster Peter everywhere

That's right, Jamie has offered to spread a little happiness by matchmaking bloggers to send a little parcel of happiness to (go over and see as she has a post dedicated to it and I am joining in so wonder who I will be sending a little parcel of happiness to, and what goodies will I share with them (oh, my mind is just brimming over with ideas, I feel I am turning into Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music ha, ha, ha!)).

Edinburgh is so posh, even the rubbish is gift wrapped!

So, I for one am definitely going to sign up to this, will you too, go on, brown paper packages tied up with string......

So what else made me happy this week....

People watching always makes me happy, genuinely as every person has some tale to tell.

Can you believe it snowed here again on Saturday!  It was pretty nice to see it again.

and of course Chocolate Finger makes me laugh a lot.  If you want to see the show down between Chocolate Finger vs Churros from yesterday's post, click here!


  1. Marvin,Carly, and Dexter look pretty happy to be in the snow again...unbelievable!

  2. Glad you are still enjoying the snow. Love the shot of Dexter.

  3. Still waiting for my snow....guess I'm out of luck this year. :-( At least someone is getting to enjoy it! LOL

  4. You have the best attitude about snow. It sure is pretty! You are so sophisticated over there with wrapped rubbage : ) Oooooh Laaaaa Laaaaa!

  5. We get the cold, but none of the snow. :(

    I love that shot of the lady with the hat. :)

  6. Blogger exchanges are so much fun! I've already participated in 2 of them myself and looking forward to participating in more in the future :) Have fun! And yikes on the snow! I'm so glad we're finally seeing signs of spring here. I've had enough of the white stuff for one year!

  7. I agree- you could pick any random person off the street & they would have some very interesting stories to tell.

  8. Thanks so much for helping me spread the world!

    I spent part of the weekend introducing my niece to the Sound of Music and Singing in the Rain - so your post made me smile!

  9. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite things...and so are these photos of your kids. The sheer freedom and joy of childhood is captured here.


    A Lesson in Happiness