Friday, 4 March 2011

Lost and found

As I walked along Princes Street snatching photographs of people as they bustled past, I noticed a little doll on the ground ahead of me. Nobody stopped to pick it up and put it somewhere safe where the owner could see it should they return in search of their little friend.

She lay motionless on the pavement with her pretty blue dress and yellow hair tied up in bunches so I went over to rescue her and place her in a position where she could be seen waving in the hope that her owner might see her.....

.... and no sooner did I start to do this at the bus stop beside where the doll had fallen, did her owner appear.  The doll was duly ripped out of my hands by her Mothers friend who then shouted "found her, there she is"!

Surprised at the speed at which it was snatched from my hands, I turned around to see a little girl who was so happy to see her, and she then proceeded to hand her to me as though to say thank you from them both! I was smiling as it was so sweet, a sunny day and a little girl who had found her golden haired friend and I got to snap a picture of them both together.  

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  1. Haha, that doll looked so sad and alone...glad there was a happy ending ;)

  2. So sweet! Love the last shot where owner and dolly are reunited. :)

  3. What a hero you are! Wouldn't life be great of our biggest worry could be where we left our dolly last? Oh to be young and adorable in pigtails...

  4. I'm so glad you got them back together...and that kids seem to know better how to respond in some situations. :)

  5. Great story to enhance your photos.