Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bright light beckons.....

Dexter and I took the Marvin and Carly for a walk yesterday by ourselves and had a lovely time playing I spy which was lovely as I have a lot of things buzzing around in my head just now :-)

I only had my i-phone on me as it had been rather overcast, but then all of a sudden the light from the sun setting just shone like a fireball coming towards us, it was amazing, truly stunning.

After taking these photographs of the light beckoning us to move towards it, it dawned on me, you never know when or why an opportunity may present itself to you so make the most of life and the opportunities that present themselves and take a leap of faith and step out of the shadows and into it, you never know you might just fit right in with that alien landscape and find it heavenly!

It also helped that just after I took these pictures whilst continuing on our I spy trail, Dexter on one of his turns said "something beginning with BM" which I had to guess.  The answer was "Beautiful Mum" - he most definitely has a bright future ahead of him I say ;-)


  1. beautiful shots and words to go with them!

  2. Totally agree!! Things happen for reasons and if we open ourselves up to the moment it so often reveals something magical. LOVE that second shot, a beauty!

  3. Love LOVE!!! Your photography is awesome..I'm officially following you, I'm Marilyn from http://plushafrique.blogspot.com/ - hope you can stop by sometime and check out my blog.. TY :))

  4. thankfully you had your phone, the pics are great.