Thursday, 3 March 2011

Golden sunlight...

reflected in the window

and as the sun started to set with fluffy clouds drifting in the sky it reminded me of the i-phone app Doodle Jump!

the rays of light streamed through this windows of the top floor of this house I walked by and it was just beautiful.

however about half an hour before, there was the double rainbow....

it looked as though it was landing right onto this house. Wonder if a leprechaun lived there guarding a pot of gold?

Well St Patricks Day is coming up!!!

Skywatch Friday


  1. A remarkable change in sky!! Oh my the rainbow is a picture to behold!A pot of gold I do believe!

  2. was there a pot of gold?? great capture of the sun shining on the house

  3. That is a beautiful sky...

  4. What lovely photos--the rainbow is beautiful. They don't appear often enough.

  5. Rainbow and the Golden sky, truly that itself is a treasure to cherish