Monday, 28 March 2011

AZ Great Britain 2011.....

This was a really funny and amusing drunk man who smiled and started shouting to beckon me over whilst he was sitting on a park bench having a can of Carlsberg lager and enjoying the flowers, view and people as they walked on by.  He made me laugh, and I loved the fact he was wearing a lady's hat.   He let me take a few photo's of him.....

Then later on my walk I saw this black guy sitting down outside a shop having a cigarette and thought he was interesting too so asked if I could photograph him.  He was flattered and also couldn't understand why someone like me would want to take his photo!

Then there was also this woman who I saw during my lunch break on Friday. I didn't ask if I could photograph as I think I would not have captured her expression (and therefore overall instant appeal to me) which I thought was brilliant. She was tall, slim and cat like, perhaps she thought I was a dog for having my camera and taking pictures and she was telling me with her stare to back off, I'm a blonde dog though!

Or this lady, who I stopped because she caught my eye as she seemed to be someone who I could imagine having been rather beautiful in her youth, and even though that had faded, she still made an effort with her appearance and on speaking with her I could see how flattered, touched and surprised she was at having been asked to have her portrait taken because I had noticed her. That in itself was charming.

On Friday night as Anders and I walked Marvin and Carly (before collecting Dexter from Cubs), this man was outside a bar with his friends. His gold jewellery bedazzled me, which I jokingly told him and he let me take his picture!  His name was Jack.


  1. love all your street photography! you are so brave to ask all those people to photograph them, and its worth it cause strangers make for such great photography!

  2. I'm not sure I'd be able to approach strangers to photograph them. Even when I smile at strangers, so many look at me as if to say, "What's there to smile about?" But I do appreciate seeing your street photos.

  3. I've decided you are a type of anti Sartorialist (have you seen his blog?) Instead of photographing people on the street wearing stylist clothes that only 5% of the world can pull off. You find and capture the beauty of the everyman. I think I like your version more.