Thursday, 24 March 2011

Seaside promenade...

I am experimenting with different types of street photography.  These were taken on 35mm film using a canon camera which has a wide angle lens.  Believe it or not, these are taken really pretty close up, I am about 3ft away from the subject who I am photographing with a flash!

The photograph above I took when I was literally right beside this photographer who was trying taking photographs of strangers using a long lens (apparently this is frowned upon by street photographers because it flattens the whole thing and doesn't work as well because you are not interacting). It is more like spying on someone than shooting street (Anders read that). I thought it was funny that he was doing this so I went right up and took this picture without him even noticing. His two friends who were standing right beside him were stunned at my brass neck, and just after I took it, tapped him to explain (in part because it is what he was doing but from the safety of a zoom lens). He was bemused, and came up to me laughing and asked "did you get the shot" and asked if he could take a look. I said, "I think so, but this is the first time I have used this camera (which I picked up in a charity shop) so not sure what they will turn out like"! He then saw I was using film and said "oh, old school", to which I just had to laugh!


  1. More photos to add to your book!

  2. I like that you are more obvious...and "spying" can get some great shots! ;) To me, it seems more like spying if you had a long lens on unsuspecting models.