Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Cameras and people

I am obsessed with taking pictures (it engages my mind like reading a book does for others).  I take so many photographs it's frightening. I take them digitally (and i-phone) although recently I have been using 120 and 35mm film far more often (in fact I have 4 spools waiting to be collected and which I will pick up today and one colour one to drop off).   Because of this I have even now bought a self developing tank for black and white film and want to buy a film scanner too as we have been told that we are going to be gifted an enlarger which is sitting in someone's house unused! That is a funny story in itself, as the people who are giving it to Anders and I have this lovely antique shop called Anteaques and they were laughing as they saw me run out of their shop to photograph the fishmonger and neighbouring butcher who were hanging out of their shops!  These are the photos I am picking up today.  I was so excited about this scene that I nearly self combusted when I saw it looking out of the window of the shop next door which resulted in me running out of it and back into the tearoom (where Anders and Dexter were enjoying a lovely cup of tea and Matcha cake) to grab my cameras whilst explaining what I was doing and then running out of there like some Tasmanian devil or Roadrunner cartoon character! After taking the pictures (having run across a main road like a crazy woman) wondered (as they were taken on my Rolleiflex) "did I actually get the settings right and did I keep it still enough" because I literally almost shaking with excitement!!!  This is why the enlarger came up in conversation and that is so nice of them to give it to us.

To me the world is full of things which excite me and old film cameras (particularly my beautiful Rolleiflex is anything but discrete) just add to that especially when it comes to capturing people.

Speed dating doesn't bring results fast

"I can't help myself, I have to look at the camera but don't really want to"

Another Bruver

"hurry up and catch up"


Protected by glass


the long road


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  1. I can see you madly running around for each of these shots and they were so, so worth it! You bring the world to life in your photos.

  2. Those are great- I love the looks on their faces- like why does that person want to photograph me :)

  3. lovely photos. the one of "joy" is my fav. job well done.

  4. Yes yes yes I love your b/w photos.

  5. Wowie, that "Drag" image is a great one!!

  6. What a wonderful gift. That is how I am too : ) I just can't wait to grab my camera and shoot people. It is the most thrilling thing for me. :) I can't wait until you get it. I think that passion and love of shooting is the most wonderful thing!