Sunday, 6 March 2011


This weeks prompts believe it or not actually turned out to make me thing about simplifying things!
Flesh and Bones

I will admit that I am no spring chicken, and yes, like everyone else, I too am getting older (but before you wonder, no, I was not born in 1938 which is the book I chose to look at as it made me laugh at the thought of putting myself in the place of the woman sketched in it sitting front of the mirror)!

This is a book I found last year which was from 1938 which was basically a day by day household companion for ladies!  It is very old fashioned and has lots of things in it including daily recipes and helpful hints, some of which make me laugh out loud and be thankful that times have changed, but some which remind me how some things really have not changed like the fact that ladies back then also raised concerns about the prospects of getting old and losing their beauty!

We all get old, and we all lose our youth but one timeless sign of beauty that always radiates through is seen through every face.  It is a simple yet genuine smile and like this recipe for a wrinkle cream it can be created, we just have to find the ingredients needed to make it happen!

The ACoLab challenge set was to fill in the blanks to the following sentence.

"When I think about how ____________ is in the ___________ I just have to ____________."

I did it and my entry you can see here or when Anika posts them all up at her ACoLab site from the 7th.

However, when I saw Ashley had put it in again for Scavenger Hunt, I thought arghhhh as I didn't just want to copy and paste the one I had done specifically for ACoLab as for me that would have been too easy.  Then I realised that, having done it the first time, it actually wasn't that hard at all and became a doddle to do, simple as following a recipe in a way!

When I think about how beautiful and strange the moon is in the sky, I just have to grab my camera and start taking pictures of it.

Or how about when I think about how the radiance of something as simple as a smile is in the split second of a moment, I just have to smile right back.

When I think about all the things that have happened throughout time and how it is in the memories of these documented moments that we get insight into what caused events to unfold, I just have to remember a saying that I once was told which said a fool learns by their own mistakes but a wise person learns from others that is why history has a habit of repeating itself!

Watching everyday life makes me smile,  like an advert for a delicious "taste of Italy" ice cream in the oddest place like the roof of a building by the beach on a very cold but sunny day!

The thing that never ceases to remind me to smile though is my lovely boys Anders and Dexter!

The other thing that makes me smile is Marvin and Carly who remind everyone of their presence as they look around.  They are just so lovely, loved and loving!


  1. The diptych is so artistic and I just love it!

  2. Ohhh, love that second one of M&C, very cool. Also love your portrait shot-you should totally use that for your profile pic for the ACoLab, very pretty and great setup!

  3. Excellent job - I really love your portrait shot. Gorgeous!

  4. These are all great! Love the diptych and your lovely smile reminders! =D

  5. Your diptych is fantastic!

    I LOVE your dogs! =)

  6. ALL of these shots are so creative...I really love how you gave so much thought to the fill in the blank prompt - you really came up with some fantastic stuff! :)