Sunday, 20 March 2011

i-phone, 35mm and 120 medium format photographs

I love my i-phone for so many reasons, not least because it is what got me back into photography!  For me it will always be a fantastically beautiful little piece of technology that will have a place close to my heart and here I am using it above :-)  I have taken thousands of pictures on it (no exaggeration).

The shadow on the ground I thought was pretty, and rather than just photographing a pair of shoes I thought I would incorporate the shadow of a pair I was wearing! Then I wanted to use this as a chance to show my sister (who I know looks at this blog daily) to show her how much I love the Christmas present she got for me. It is the bestest of best presents she could have gotten, my very own camera bag which looks like a handbag!  I in fact now normally carry about 3-4 cameras at any one time and you would be none the wiser!

It even has a camera key fob!

I also love the imperfection of the pictures you can take on the i-phone which I try to take deliberately.

And if you had not already guessed, I am a complete photo junkie. I am obsessed with taking pictures but have moved back into taking pictures on film cameras and I have been experimenting with very expired film which definitely will not give perfection because the film is out of date and not stored properly, but that too for me is part of the fun in experimentation and these ones below I took using 35mm with a flash close up although the camera has a wide angle lens!

but see how the film has change colour and texture!

even when I used it on Dexter, Marvin and Carly...

or turn the flash on myself instead!

Yes I know that with film, I don't know if I have gotten the picture I wanted, but then again, with street photography you are not guaranteed that anyway and that it also a big thrill of it and yes I do appear to be a thrill seeker too, especially when I flash people!!!!

Then there is taking double exposure pictures on my Halina-Viceroy which is a fancy box brownie from at least 40 years ago which takes 120 medium format film....

 or using it to take a picture on film too slow to freeze motion!  I like to think I embrace imperfection as well as aspiring for perfection (ha, ha, ha)!!!
When I have a moment, think I will flop out in this chair which I think is perfection!  Have too much to do today however and if you pop over again in the next few days, all will be revealed......

....I will need the chair after it from laughing trust me!

Prompts this week were Camera Phone photograph; Camera; Shoes: Chair and Imperfection.
Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. Cool post Joanna. Love that self portrait of you, want your shoes AND the bag ;), and am enjoying seeing you experiment with your new family of cameras!

  2. You have really taken some awesome photos with your iphone! I love my iphone, but for some reason I never use it as a camera. I guess I'll have to play with the camera more. Love your camera bag!

  3. What a wonderful gift you got from your sister! I have been eyeing the teal one and am waiting to take the plunge, I'm glad you are enjoying it!

  4. These are great - love that first shot and your new bag!

  5. As always LOVE all of your shots...such personality in each and every one! & wow nice gift sister! :)

  6. First time here, thanks to visiting Ashley's site. Your bag is stunning! Good choice, sister! Again for the 3rd time today, my fave is any and all of your Imperfection shots.

  7. Great shots! I love how much you never know what you will come up with using old film. That camera bag is incrediable...I didn't know such a beauty existed! Your sister rocks :)

  8. Fun shots! I keep thinking about doing this challenge.....I love looking at all the photos!

  9. What fun! I love the first shot, and what a great camera bag! The color is gorgeous! I like it that the key fob is the only indicator of its true purpose.

  10. These are all amazing. I have to agree with you on the Iphone...I too am addicted. My husband just said to me yesterday that he wants to be reincarnated as my Iphone! LOL Funny man. I also LOVE LOVE your new bag. Awesome.

  11. These are awesome! What fun shots! Love the processing on the purse shot.

    And just in case you are interested, I'm hosting a new linkie at my site called Fabulous Friday. I'd love it if you would participate!