Thursday, 10 March 2011

Crime scene.....

As Dexter, Anders and I cycled along the cycle path I noticed on the banks a heap that shouldn't be there. It was hidden in a way as it was amongst dark leaves. I nearly cycled past it as it didn't glare out but it did catch the corner of my eye so I stopped cycling and looked around to see if there was anyone lurking in the bushes, but no, nobody there and so my mind started to think of the crime that had been committed which resulted in this bike being dump there on the verge, and it lay there in tact and motionless waiting to be claimed/found.

Whoever had left it there had either dumped it and then walked along the path to the nearest exit, or jumped a fence/wall to get away leaving it abandoned and alone.

I have never seen a bike which looked way too pretty good to be abandoned in this way, it wasn't all broken, battered and falling apart so there had been some respect paid to it, but clearly whoever had left it there also had had second thoughts about keeping it as maybe it was a bike that was easily recognised and they knew its owner, maybe they were wanting to see the owner upset, but leaving it in the way they did in some way showed that they had felt respectful enough to leave it there knowing it would be found and unbroken. It felt like I had stumbled upon a crime scene, which I had!

As I looked closer, I could see that it was in fact painted black but had originally been a red colour and you could just see streaks of it lining the frame where the paint had been chipped off. 

Wonder who owned the bike originally.  Wonder who had stolen it and left it here.  Wonder what happened to it.  Wonder why they left it so delicately placed and if they will ever catch who did it!

When it is removed, the site will remain the same as though nothing had ever happened.


  1. Love finding found objects that tell a story!

  2. I feel a little sad for the bike and hope it's owner finds it soon.

  3. i love it! you make me wanna know how that bike really got there!