Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dexter, Ben and Zack...

There is something about capturing children in play that I love to try and get. The charm that can be found in these images when they are done right should not make me ever tire of looking at them even when the children are not my own or known to me. In this case I am fortunate to know all three children well.....

....and these are the shots I got of them walking to get some fish and chips after cubs and yes I think all three boys are just cute as buttons. It is their personalities that I love and that is what I never tire of looking at when I am lucky enough to capture it. 

It is their personalities that make you engage and that is what I hope to capture as for me it like bottling a little piece of something special that I have been lucky enough to share, even if not actively involved in the play itself.  These all made me smile from ear to ear.

Zack was break dancing above!

Three lovely boys, three great friends, and as Zack beautifully put it "Me and Dexter and Ben we are all one", yep and I feel part of it too!



  1. Capturing kids in play is always a joy, it's the keeping up with them that's the hard part :) Great photos especially that last one! Look at those smiles!

  2. They are adorable! You captured their joy and zest for life.

  3. Kids do make the best subjects. And that last one of the trio of buddies is darling!


  4. They are adorable. Love the last shot.

  5. Love all the shots, the one on the pipe is my favorite!

  6. It looks like they're having great fun. I love that these are all done in black and white.

  7. They look like they really enjoyed themselves

  8. They do look like they are enjoying the moment...and having their photo taken!

    Very sweet. Great shots!