Sunday, 27 March 2011

Me time with Scavenger Hunt word prompts!

"Me" time,  that's something that I manage to snatch a lot of and I capture it with every photograph I take as in effect it is an instant for me when I can be lost in enjoying that very moment which can then be enjoyed as a tangible visual memory over and over again. With a camera always on me, "me" time is never unobtainable!

The Faerie Market

This photograph I took on Friday as Dexter, Anders and I took Marvin and Carly for a walk. The light was just so magical in this spot at this particular moment I had to pull out my camera to capture it. It reminded me of a place where you might find Peter Pan and The Lost Boys in Neverland in that brief moment! This is exactly what the light looked like, what you see here is exactly what I saw (no photoshop), and by extension, so did my camera and this is what I mean by being able to always find "me" time.

So on with the Scavenger list which consists this week of: "me" time; Groups of 3; Decay; Kitchen and things that make you go hmmm!  So lets move to groups of 3......

What's the time Big Bird?

What's the time Big Bird?

 Big Bird say's "it's boo time"!
Were you scared?  I thought Andrew made the mask come to life!

So that's my group of 3 above, what's next on the Scavenger Hunt list, Decay, (e.g.old/abandoned)

This is my stepfather who is in hospital. He is 86 and has a catalogue of illnesses including vascular dementia and heart failure and his body is definitely in a state of decay which I dare say happens when you have all the things wrong with him and have lived a full life. He has been in hospital for the last 3 weeks, and whilst he has been gravely ill, this is a moment I captured which makes me happy as in that split moment, I saw his joy and love of me and in my being with him. 

I took the image before he took a turn for the worse and as you can see he was happy to see me and that is something that for me is really special to have captured.  It was nice to see him happy and share with him my interest in photography (not that I think he totally understood, but he was happy that's for sure). It was nice to show him my Rolleiflex and capture the joy he had at being in my company which is something that I will cherish. Although this may appear a sad picture, it is actually a happy one as he was definitely improving here as thankfully I got him into hospital in the nick of time.


never complete without yummy food....

Life should be full of things (even if they are little and brief) that accumulatively make you feel like it has been a blast, 


Scavenger Hunt Sunday


  1. What a hunt! My favorite is your step-father. Dealing with aging parents not easy, I am glad you caught the picture of him you liked. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Hi!
    Sorry to hear your stepfather is still not so well...hope things get easier.

  3. I was going to also say that I'm sorry your stepfather isn't doing well...but I'm also glad to see that you're still finding ways to snatch lots of ME time.

  4. Great photos this week. Love the first photo.

  5. That is a scary mask! I hope your stepfather gets better soon!

  6. Great shots! Sorry to hear about your stepfather. :(